• Private Label Products:  Working closely with the best US manufacturers in the animal food industry, Intermed XP offers specific products under private labeling. Contact us for details and send us your formulas for quotes.
  • Labeling:   In response to varied needs, labels or the printing of labels using either manufacturer generated labeling or  customer formulated wording are available.  Intermed XP satisfies  a growing demand for personalized products to meet administrative requirements as regulations and procedures evolve.  Customers may choose to have labels affixed prior to delivery on containers with all required markings or do so themselves.
  • Translation:   Plurilingual accuracy and technical precision are our hallmark.   Accustomed to manufacturing literature, shipping and trade documents in French and English, this service is now being extended to Spanish/English and English/Spanish.
  • Bulk Service: To accommodate customers desiring products in large quantities, Intermed XP proposes a customized procuring of goods in bulk to meet individual needs.