• Peak Performance Nutrients: Blitz Paste, Mega Power Pak Paste, Power Pak
  • Nitro: Perfect Balance Electrolyte, Open Air, Creatine Power 5000, BCAA Paste
  • Uckele Health & Nutrition: AMP Fuel, Aerobic 8000, Adrenal Blend, Resprun Paste, Horse Honey, Equi-Pro PRP, HY-XL, Creatine Pure
  • DMG 5600
  • Equine 02-Liquid Oxygen
  • Enkore
  • Equine 02-Liquid Oxygen
  • Excaliber
  • G Force
  • Paldoxen
  • Paradigm
  • Top Gun Pre Race


  • Legend 4ml-Bayer
  • Adequan-Luitpold P
  • Hyvisc-Boehringer

Non-Injectables/Feed Supplement

  • Uckele: Devils Claw Plus,  Arthroxigen, Lubrigen, Tri-Lube Xtra, Lubrun
  • Peak Performance Nutients: Joint Renew, Omni Cetyl HA
  • Equiade: Lube-All
  • Finish Line: Fluid Action HA
  • Nutramax Labs: Cosequin, Cosequin ASU, Cosequin Optimized
  • Absorbine/Equine America: Corta-Flx HA

  • 5 Day Blister
  • Ball Solution
  • Workalin
  • Shin-Guard

  • Gamma Grow
  • Red Line

  • Lact-EZZ
  • Carolyte Electrolyte

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Carolyte Fact supplement is an equine dietary supplement in a unique blend of electrolytes, amino acids vitamins and minerals that helps replenish those nutrients which are lost during exercise and work. Carolyte additionally provides an easily absorbed organic source of iron, zinc, copper, cobalt and manganese. Furthermore Carolyte is the first oral paste using the immune enhancing properties from Ester-C a patented source if Vitamin C.


Equine 02-Liquid Oxygen

Enkore Fact – A pleasant tasting oral paste that helps nerve impulses to communicate faster with one another thus allowing muscles to work more efficiently and effectively which minimizes overall muscle fatigue thus aiding muscle endurance.
Excaliber Fact – The latest performance enhancing nutritional supplement that helps your horse perform to its genetic potential. By combining a newly patented form of creatine with essential amino acids, Excaliber is now the benchmark of supplements. Kre-Alkalyn has shown to be ten times more effective than traditional creatine sources and does not produce the “upset or sour stomach” syndrome that occurs with some products.
Gforce Fact – This product aids the horse’s performance while helping the muscles recover after an event. G-Force also works to combat immunosuppression due to repeated intense exercise, when used regularly.
Paradigm Fact – A power packed endurance and energy supplement designed to provide the highest bio-available sources of creatine (without the toxic effects of cyanide and sarcosine), L-ornithine alpha-keto glutarate, and N,N-dimethyl glycine, Paradigm also aids in the reduced buildup of metabolic ammonia and minimizes glutamine losses.

Gamma Grow Fact – This gamma oryzanol containing liquid supplement enhances the muscle growth and protein utilization that your horse needs, without any “down sides”. Gamma Grow is a safe replacement for anabolic steroids with no known side effects and available without a prescription.
Redline Fact – A unique water soluble multi vitamin/mineral supplement that provides you with the absolute freshness that your horse deserves. Impervious to sunlight and the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation, Red Line uses multiple sources of organic macro-minerals to guarantee maximum bio-availability. Highly concentrated and thus very economical.

Lactezz Fact – Lact-Ezz aids in nutrient metabolism and utilization which appears to help delay the onset of fatigue, thus minimizing the potential for muscle fiber cramping of skeletal and/or cardiac muscles otherwise known as rhabdomyolysis or “tying-up” syndrome.
Lube All Plus
Lube All Original
Thiamine HCL 500
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C/Sodium Ascorbate
Advance H.A.
Aller Cease
B.C.A.A. Complex
Biotin Complete®
Bleeder Event Pak
Blitz!® Pak
Blitz!® Paste Comfort Blend
Blitz!® Paste Original Formula
Calcium Complex
Creatine Power 5000
Creatine Power EE
DMG 28000
Ester C
Ex Stress
HCX – Hemo Cease Xtreme®
Hemo Cease®
Joint Renew
Joint Renew II
L-Arginine AKG
Mega Power Pak Paste ®
Omni-Cetyl H.A. ®
Open Air®
Pain Event Pak
Peak EFA
Perfect Balance Electrolite
Power Pak Nitro™ ®
Premium MSM
Pro V.M.w/ EFA’s®
ProVM ®
Tie Up Event Pak™ ®
Tie Free TMC
Tie Up Event Pak
Vitamin E, Selenium & Zinc

AMP Fuel Daily 85 G
AMP Fuel Daily 2 LB
AMP Fuel Daily 5 LB
Aerobic-8000 1 LB
Adrenal Blend-2000 12 G
B-Complex 3500 80 ML
Carb-O-Load 10 LB
Creatine 1 LB
Equi-Pro 2.2 LB
Equi-Pro 100 G Pack
Equi-Pro 100 G & 2.2 LB
Factor-15 1 LB
Focus Alert 2.6 LB
Horse Honey-2X 1 GAL
K-C Blend 3.5 LB
HY-XL 65 G
Race-VM 10 LB


Cocosoya 1 GAL
Cocosoya 2.5 GAL
Cocosoya 5 GAL
Equi-Omega Complex 7 LB
Equi-Omega Oil 1 GAL


Cell-Lyte 2000
Pro-Lyte 10 LB
Stop-Stress 5 LB

C4G Ointment
Country Green Shampoo 1QT
Country Green Shampoo 1 GAL

Joint Formulas

Arthroxigen 2.5 LB
Arthroxigen 10 LB
Aspirin Paste 60 ML​
Aspirin Powder 1 LB
Devils Claw Plus 2 LB
Devils Claw Plus 5 LB
Devils Claw Plus 20 LB
Glucosamine HCL 8 Oz
Glucosamine HCL 2 LB
Hylarin B Paste
Hylarin Powder
Joint & Bone 2.5 LB
Lubrigen 2 LB
Lubrigen 5 LB
Lubrun 600 G
Ocean-K 8 LB
Ortho-Sil 1 QT
Ortho-Sil 1 GAL
Painx 8 Oz
Tri-Lube Xtra 5 LB
Yucca Saponin 5 LB


Amino-FAC-41 50 LB
Base Mix PRR 15 LB
Bioplex Magnesium 2 LB
Colostimune 32 ML
E+SE 10X Concentrate 1 LB
E-5000 2.5 LB
E+SE 10 LB
Equi-Base Grass Pellets 15 LB
Equi-Base Alfalfa 10 LB
Equi-Base Grass 10 LB
Equi-VM 7.5 LB
Equi-Cal 10 LB
Equi-Phos 20 LB
Liquid E50 1 PINT
L-Lysine 1 LB
Magnesium Oxide 58% 2 LB
Mare Ease 1.5 LB
Mare Ease 4 LB
Milk and Grow Pellets 50 LB
Ortho0CD Pellets 4 LB
Poly Manganese 1 LB
Poly Copper 1 LB
Poly Zinc 1 LB
Selenium-E Gel 80 ML
Sport Horse Alalfa 15 LB
Sport Horse Grass 15 LB
Sport Horse Pellet 15 LB
Super Bones 11 LB

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